We have the insty in our 2020 Transit van for the past 6 months. It works great, plug and play. Easy install, setups in minutes and we were up and running with a mobile internet solution. Well done by the team at Insty!

- Neal Callan

Great product - great story - glad to be able to share the journey and help another small business owner with a superior product.

- Neal Callan

LOVE your system. Have purchased multiple units. We live in Colorado. Have been to MULTIPLE camping spots and locations here and throughout the US where there was NO signal on phones etc. Hooked up Insty and had enough bandwidth to stream and conduct Zoom calls. THANK YOU!!!

- Matt Matasso

I am so happy with the InstyConnect! I took a leap, before we hit the road, by investing in this product over more established products and it has provided a consistent, dependable experience. I love how you can replace parts to keep up with evolving technology. Great job on a great product!

-Andy Medders

Nick answers my emails and usually sends a video response - WHO DOES THAT?? Thank you Nick (and family) for your hard work and great product! I have had great reception the last 3 months in 7 locations from VA to FL. We are fulltime and headed out west in a few months but I have no doubt that the IC will pull in the signals. I set up with the angel wings in my RV front window to start and if I need more speed I fire up the binoculars on a pole. Today in Key Largo I am pulling 60 down and 40 upload. Working during the day and some Netflix or Disney+ in the evening (of course we bike, hike, or kayak before the TV come son.) Thank yo Nick, I recommend IC to all who stop and stare at it :) If you have anything you want to hand out just let me know.

-Bob Harmon

I have had the system since March and I have been very happy with it's performance. No matter where I have gone I always have internet. Great job Nick!

-Bob Harmon

I am Nicks number one fan. I absolutely love my 5G 20 CAT Modem Dual Band 5.2 High Speed or 2.4 Long Range Quad Antenna with Two (2) SIM Card (only one at a time).

Customer service is also great.

-Curt Eckert

My family and I have really enjoyed using the Insty Connect 4G model this past year and we are really looking forward receiving the Insty Connect 5G model and getting the binoculars directional antenna for use when boondocking in 2022. Keep up the great work!

-Robert Schorsch

love my insty connect


From one IT guy to another, I love the Insty Connect! I easily 12V hard wired it to our 43-foot 2018 Keystone Fuzion 417 toy hauler. The Insty Connect included everything I needed to get the job done.

-Tim Payne

This is a great product. We have a family of 9 with lots of devices connected and it works like a champ. We have traveled thousands of miles with it from Sanibel island, FL to the boondocks of TN and even northern MN. We have had a great signal everywhere we go. I am currently using the 5G version and working 8 hours a day in a camper and the Insty has worked great for us. I highly recommend it!

-Phil Whiteford

This system is THE BOMB!!!

-Tim Miller

I changed over from the MOFI router to the InstyConnect about a month ago and I am very happy. Not only is the connection better overall but it's way easier to set up and manage. I met Nick at the Escapees Rally in Wyoming this past summer and I saw the initial units he was making and learned all about it. I knew I was going to change over, it just took a bit to get the money in place. I can say that Nicks enthusiasm and knowledge sold me at first. Then the reviews that followed on YouTube cemented my initial impressions. This video showing the whole family involved is just fantastic! I am so impressed with your whole operation and am glad that I am part of the INSTY family!

-David Mejia

This product made full RVing possible for us.

-Patrick Nyhan

Nick… You made my summer great… and now my winter! I was iced-in at Yosemite, and then while boondock’d in the NoCal Redwoods got caught in crazy storms (over 10ft of snow hit the Sierras!) and with your system we never lost a beat in my Airstream! I just wanted to say thanks to your invention and your team I’m able to stay connected and work from almost anywhere - and keep clear communication with my teams around the world. Easy, Fast and stable… everything a road warrior needs! You and your family are doing a great job helping this new generation realize they can remove the tether and CREATE THIER NEW WORLD from anywhere. Cheers to you and your family… Happy New Year!

-Claudio Gutierrez

My wife Susan and I have had the IC for about six months now, and it has been everything we thought and more!!! It works! As has been said, the customer service is second to none. And we all know that is scarce these days. Nick, keep the customer service top notch, and the sky is truly the limit for your business. We highly recommend the Insty Connect!

-Dale Clodfelter

Absolutely love the Insty Connect! Very grateful for all the hard work, Nick and his family have poured into providing us, who need internet access on the go or who are often "out of range" a tool to help keep us connected. And the customer service has been absolutely phenomenal. Thanks again, Nick for all that you do!

-Dale Clodfelter

Love the insty connect; with the binocular antenna I can connect even when my phone has no bars !

-Kevin Berry

I bought the 4G Insty Connect for our coach in May and I’m impressed with it so far. We are a family of 4 with everyone streaming and it can handle it all. 

-WheelTek Of Memphis