Ladder Mount Instructions

Large print instructions can be found on our website at INSTYCONNECT.COM under the Help -> Install Guides menu.

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The ladder mount includes the mount, backing plate, bolts, locking nuts, and a zip tie.

You can change the backing plate based on the direction of the ladder.  If you need to mount on a horizontal pipe, rotate the backing plate, etc.

Vertical Alignment
Horizontal Alignment

Find your mounting position

The higher you place the antenna on your RV, the better. You also want to make sure there are no close obstacles (like air conditioners, satellite dishes, large metal objects) within 12-18 inches of the install location. In our testing, the top horizontal portion of the ladder works well on most RVs.

You can mount with the antenna either cutting the wind or facing the wind.

Mount with backing plate

Use the thread locking nuts and tighten them equally on all sides ensuring a good fit.  DO NOT overtighten, but make sure mount is tight enough so that it won't rotate along the pipe.

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Slide Antenna onto mount

Make sure to slide completely down mount so the zip tie port lines up.  Run the zip tie through the port on the antenna, and then with your finger on the opposite side, guide it through the port on the mount until they meet at the start position.  Tighten zip tie and cut end.

Guide zip tie back thru mount
Zippy it up.

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