Antenna/Modem Setup Instructions


These instructions assume you have a router configured.  If you purchased the Insty Router, please configure before setting up the Antenna.

Large print instructions can be found on our website at INSTYCONNECT.COM under the Help -> Install Guides menu.


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We recommend assembling and configuring the system on a table or desk before you permanently install any of the components.  Follow the steps in this document to ensure you have internet connectivity, and then plan your install.  

Unpack all components

  1. Antenna Enclosure
  2. Modem Module
  3. AC Power Adapter
  4. DC Power Y Cable
  5. DC Direct Wire 12v Cable
  6. POE Injector
  7. 1.5ft Ethernet Cable
  8. 15/30ft Ethernet Cable

SIM Cards

The Modem Module ships with 2 SIM cards in from the factory.  These are for the Insty.Online service.  If you purchased service from us, you can skip this section.

If you need to install your own SIM cards, carefully unscrew the antenna wires and slide the modem out.  

Use a PIN or SIM card tool to push down on the yellow button next to the SIM card tray.  Replace SIM as needed and re-install modem in the antenna enclosure with antenna cables as pictured.

Modem inside Antenna Enclosure
SIM Card Tray Removal

Assemble antenna

To open the antenna lid, squeeze the back section and pull down.

Pop out the wire cap by pushing out from the inside of the lid.

Pass the end of the 15/30ft ethernet data cable through the wire supports of the lid.

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Plug data cable into the modem.

Close lid making sure data cable is still between the wire supports.

Pop the wire cap back into place.

You can use either the AC Power adapter, or the direct wire cable for power to the injector.  If using the direct wire, the RED is (+) 12v positive, Black is (-) 12v negative.

The Y cable can be used with the Insty Router ONLY to power both the router and the Antenna from the Antenna AC Adapter or direct wire cable.

Plug DC power into the injector port labeled DC 12-24v

Plug 15/30ft long ethernet cable into the injector port marked "POE to Antenna"

Plug the short 1.5ft ethernet cable into the injector port marked "To WAN on Router" to your router's WAN port.  

Open the Antenna Dashboard

Open your phone, tablet or computer browser and type:

** You must include the http:// - (not https) **

This screen will show you the signal and if you're registered to a cell network. 

Configuring a SIM card.

If you have service through our Insty.Online plans, your system is pre-configured and ready for use.  This section can be skipped.

From the main dashboard, click the 'Current LTE Sim Profile' button. 

You can then set the name of the SIM for your reference and select the provider of the SIM.  If the provider is not listed, select 'Other' and fill in the APN for your provider.  Contact your provider for the proper APN to be used.

As a general rule, IP Version IPv4 & IPv6 should be used as default unless instructed by your provider.

You can also set a TTL to be used with this SIM profile, default is 0 which no TTL adjustment is being made by the modem. (See our KB article for more information about TTL settings).

Click Save when complete.  The modem will then reboot with your SIM settings.

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Verify Connection

Once the modem reboots, check the dashboard above to verify that you have signal.  If it's showing signal and it's registered to the tower, you can check your devices for internet.

If your router is properly setup, and the Antenna/modem is showing a connection, then internet should be active at this point.


Connectivity Issues:

If you have Insty.Online and do not have a connection to the internet, please check your signal in the dashboard to make sure you are registered on a tower.

If you are registered on a tower, send in a message to support to have us verify your service is active and online.

If you are using a "bring your own sim" and have no internet, check your SIM card settings to make sure the correct provider and/or APN is being used.

If you are registered on the tower and have no internet, you will need to reach out to your provider to confirm your service is active and online.

If you have any other issues, we've put together easy to follow articles in our knowledgebase to help with any issues that may arise:

Our searchable Knowledgebase

Contact Us:

To contact us, visit the main website:
In the menu, click Help -> Contact Us.

From our family to yours.

Thank you so much for your purchase of an Insty Connect!  You are supporting a family-run small business and we really appreciate it!  We hope you love this device as much as we’ve loved putting it together for you.

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