The BEST networks for the
BEST connectivity on the road.

We know what networks give the best signal and speed, so we put those together in a simple to understand data plan that works for you.

No confusing jargon, just simple internet.

No Contracts, Pay as you Go, Pause Anytime

Billing is in one-month increments so you can customize to your travel needs.

"There are a few of us using the connection and we stream often"

This is our premium data plan, that has access to multiple networks.  This is the plan you would choose if you want internet and not have to worry about data caps, etc.   Common speeds 20-100+ mbs/sec depending on location.


Occasional gaming, multiple movie nights, video chats with family and work

OK For:

Super heavy streaming, 24/7 security cameras, doorbells, etc.

$129 /mo

HD 1080p Streaming

Data BURST Technology

Unlimited Data*

*heavy users (300+gb) may have network selected.  Users over 800gb+ may have connection slow down to 1-5mb/s for the remainder of the month.

"We work from the road and need the most bandwidth possible"

This is our uncapped, full-throttle plan.  It allows you to transfer data as fast as the tower allows, which can be anywhere from 10-600 mb/s, depending on your location.


Heavy work, uploading/downloading files, etc.  Business class.


24/7 security cameras, doorbells, etc.

$149 /mo

Full Speed

300GB Data Pool


Don't need unlimited data?

Save money and buy data packages that fit your needs.

(Data packages are single network plans.)

2 GB


10 GB


25 GB


50 GB


100 GB


200 GB


Data BURST Technology.

Data bursting gives you short, speedy boosts when loading web pages, ensuring everything feels snappy and responsive.

Think of it as a turbo charge for your browsing, making sure you get that fast and fluid feel, even while we’re keeping things in check with a speed cap.

So, even if you’re on a budget-friendly plan, you won't have to compromise on quality. With Insty.Online, smooth browsing is just part of the package!

Order your Insty Connect today!

The best signal with the best speeds possible.  For work, education, and entertainment, everything you need to connect is right here.