Insty Connect 5G Setup and Configure Instructions

Start with the router.

  1. Connect the Wifi Antennas to the rear of the router.  Make sure to attach the 2.4 and the 5.0 to the correct ports.
  2. Connect power to the router.
  3. Wait until the Power, LR, and HS lights come on.

Connect to the setup wifi.

  1. Use your computer or mobile device to connect to the insty_connect_setup Wifi network (there is no password on this Wifi network)


Your computer, phone, or tablet may 'roam' away from the insty_connect_setup wifi network if you have other Wifi networks nearby.

In that case, you may encounter an error or problems during the setup process.

It may be best to 'forget' other Wifi networks nearby while you are going through the setup process.

Head to the Insty dashboard and follow the on-screen instructions.


Open Insty Dashboard

Open your browser to: http://my.insty or you can use the ip address

Click the link below the "Welcome To Insty Connect" blue box.

Step 1:

Set your Router Password

Enter the router password 2 times and then click the save button.

REMEMBER THIS PASSWORD!  You will want to write this down as it will be required any time you make a change to the system.

Step 2:

Set your Wifi Passwords

Create passwords for the 2 wifi networks, the 'Long Range' and the 'High Speed' network. Click Save.

Step 3:

Connect The Modem

It will go back to the dashboard, and when you see this, it's time to move to the next step!


Prepare the CloudWings Antenna

To open the cloud wings, use a flat head screwdriver and twist to open the lid on the angel wings cloud wings enclosure.

Setup the Modem Module.

The modem module ships inside the Angel wings.  Slide them out of the wings.

Insert your SIM into modem module in the Sim 1 slot.  Slot 1 is the closest to the antenna ports or front of the modem

Insert the USB C cable through the cloud wings lid.

Insert the USB C cable into the modem module.

Slide the modem into the wings and insert the USB C cable into the notch to hold in place.

Carefully attach lid making sure not to crimp antenna wires

*Important* - Do not stretch or crimp antenna cables and make sure they are not crossing each other inside the cloud wings enclosure.  This can negatively affect performance.

Plug modem module into router.

Plug modem data cable into the router in the port by the Insty Connect logo


Setting up your SIM Card

  1. Head back to: http://my.insty or you can use the ip address
  2. The system will attempt to read your SIM card and automatically setup the SIM profile.  If it successfully creates the SIM profile, you can skip this section and move on to the cleanup section.
  3. If the system can not recognize the provider of your SIM card, it will pop up a message that says "New Sim Card Found"
  4. When you see the 'New Sim Found' message, click on the link to set it up.


Some third party providers like Visible may not setup correctly.

The Insty Connect will attempt to setup your SIM automatically, but it MAY choose the parent provider if you have a third party SIM like Visible.  If you have any trouble with your system, make sure the proper provider is selected within the SIM profile.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

In the first line, give your sim card a name that you'll use to identify it. 

On the third line, choose the SIM provider.  If your provider is not listed, choose 'Other' and enter your provider APN on the fourth line.  If you don't know what the APN is, contact your provider or reach out to us and we'll help.

After you click 'save', the modem will reboot.  This may take a few minutes.

On a successful connection, it alert you and fetch the signal data for the current SIM provider.


Cleaning Up!

  1. Connect to one of your Wifi networks that you created in the steps above.
  2. On the dashboard, click 'Finish Wizard and Remove Open Wifi Network' to remove the insty_connect_setup network from your router.
  3. * IMPORTANT * - Click the 'software update' to get the latest software.
  4. Reboot and enjoy the latest and greatest Insty Connect!

How to setup second SIM

  1. The second sim slot will be probed when the modem is starting up.  If there is a card in the slot, it will display on the dashboard.  To switch to the second slot, click the power icon next to the signal indicator.
  2. Follow the steps above to setup the second sim after the modem reboots.

Insty Connect Pole Mount


When using the Insty mount, please be sure to use the included zip ties or hose clamps to anchor the wings to the mount.   The screws are meant to be used as a guide or temporary use only.

If mounting on a roof, please follow the manufacturers instructions for mounting items to your roof.  


If you have any trouble, head to:

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From our family to yours.

Thank you so much for your purchase of an Insty Connect!  You are supporting a family-run small business and we really appreciate it!  We hope you love this device as much as we’ve loved putting it together for you.