5G Binoculars Install Instructions

Install LPDA antennas as pictured.

The smaller antennas should be on the top, the larger on the bottom.

Your pole should be between the antennas on the inside, and you should see the embedded "i" on the back side.  

Please make sure to take note of the 'weep' holes on some of the antennas, make sure it's pointing down.  Also, it may be listed what side 'up' is on the larger antennas.

2.) Mount the Binoculars on your pole.

You can use strong ZIP ties or hose clamps, or checkout Flag Pole Buddy (FlagPoleBuddy.com) - they have a custom pole mount created specifically for the Insty 5G Binoculars.

3.) Attach antenna cables and insert binoculars "feet"

The top antenna connectors attach to the top, smaller antennas.  The lower antenna connectors (the ones closest to the USB port) attach to the lower, larger antennas.

The antenna 'feet' will rest on the USB C cable and will fit into the binoculars mount on one side only.  Take note of where the notches are that hold the feet in and use that side to slide the feet in.