Go the Distance:
Elevate Your Connectivity with Our Long-Range Directional Antennas

Connect in places
you've never thought possible.

Our "Squared" antenna is a powerful omni-directional antenna, providing a reliable internet connection in a wide range of locations.

However, for those moments when your travels take you to the secluded corners of the world, we've got something extra special.

Meet the long rangers: our ultra long-range directional antennas.

The Insty Connect is modular, meaning you can easily switch out the cellular modem from the Squared antenna and use it in a long range antenna for even more distance.

So, whether you’re in a forest, a valley, or far off the beaten path, Insty Connect ensures you’re always in touch, always online.

The "SwitchBlade"
Long Range Directional Antenna

Meet the Switchblade: Compact, Foldable, Unstoppable.

This antenna is your perfect travel companion, delivering impressive long-range connectivity without the bulk.

Ingeniously designed to fold down, it fits seamlessly into your on-the-go lifestyle while providing near ultra-long-range performance.

Experience the freedom of reliable internet, whether you’re working remotely or exploring off the beaten path.

  • 4x MIMO LPDA Directional Antenna
  • Multiple mounting options
    • Flag pole buddy adapter
    • Paint Pole Extension Threaded
  • Modular Modem goes inside - no antenna line loss

How the Long Range Antennas Work

Remove modem from the 'Squared' antenna and insert.

Attach the antenna cables to the modem module and insert into binoculars.

Deploy and rotate to find towers.

It's easy.  Rotate 20 degrees, wait 2 minutes, run speed test, repeat.  You'll quickly find where the speed is.

Have people ask you 'How are you getting internet WAY out here?'

Be ready, they will ask :)


Our 5G "binoculars" are out of this world.

"Introducing the Binoculars: The Pinnacle of Power and Range.

This is our ultra-long-range solution, crafted for those who accept nothing but the best in connectivity.

Its size is a testament to its strength, ensuring you can tap into a powerful signal even in the most challenging locations.

Perfect for rural homes, off-grid living, or critical work scenarios, the Binoculars stand as a giant in the realm of connectivity.

Embrace the power of ultimate range and make connectivity challenges a thing of the past.

  • 4x4 MIMO Directional Antenna

  • Tuned for ALL LTE and 5G bands, including N71 & N41 on 5G.

  • Will significantly improve signals on the fringe and has been known to find 5G at distances that no other antenna can match.

See our original Binoculars in Action

The long range antennas were built on this design, while we don't sell the 4G Binoculars array anymore,  you'll still notice the difference they make while camping in the remote Badlands of South Dakota.

Order your Insty Connect today!

The best signal with the best speeds possible.  For work, education, and entertainment, everything you need to connect is right here.