The best cellular internet antenna ever created.

Connect in places you've never thought possible.

Because Insty Connect is the only modular internet system in the world, you can now connect in the hardest to reach places.

Our Angel Wings antenna system is a powerful omni-directional antenna that can keep you connected in most places, but what happens when you want to be at your favorite place, in the middle of nowhere?

That's where the binoculars come in.

How the Binoculars Work

Remove modem from Angel Wings and insert into binoculars

Attach the antenna cables to the modem module and insert into binoculars.

Deploy binoculars and rotate to find towers.

It's easy.  Rotate 20 degrees, wait 2 minutes, run speed test, repeat.  You'll quickly find where the speed is.

Have people ask you 'How are you getting internet WAY out here?'

Be ready, they will ask :)


See the Binoculars in Action

See how we use our binoculars while dry camping in a National Park in remote South Dakota.

The 4G binoculars are powerful.
Our 5G binoculars are out of this world.

You can imagine 4X antennas pointing towards a tower.  If there is a sliver of a signal up there, these binoculars will find it.

Our 4G Binoculars

2x2 MIMO Directional Antenna

Tuned for LTE bands from 700MHZ on up.  Does a great job finding long reaching bands for Verizon and At&t.  Will significantly improve signals in the fringe zones.

Available in the order form as an option for the Explorer 4G


Our 5G Binoculars

4x4 MIMO Directional Antenna

Tuned for ALL LTE and 5G bands, including T-Mobile's Band 71 on 4g and N71 on 5G.

Will significantly improve signals on the fringe and has been known to find 5G at distances that no other antenna can match.

Available in the order for as an option for the Explorer 5G.


Order your Insty Connect today!

The best signal with the best speeds possible.  For work, education, and entertainment, everything you need to connect is right here.